Many of investors hold more than just publicly traded securities. Frequently, more and more ultra wealthy investors want to buy and hold alternative assets in both their taxable AND retirement accounts. Alternative investments including venture capital, private deals and especially real estate require a unique and highly qualified and competent trustee and custodian to not only accommodate this need but deliver this service as a core competency.

Holding alternative assets in an IRA or 401(k) can be easy or complex depending on who you use as your custodian. Broker-dealers and banks that do not focus on this as a core competency should and do outsource to an expert in this field. There are many who claim to provide this service, but in our view, only a couple who do it well.

We have conducted research in this market and have determined that there are three categories of alternative asset custody service providers for retirement assets. Those that cater to the mass market, others that are niche players, and a very few that cater to the ultra complex, ultra-high-end market. Their ability to deal with complex assets and transactions including the sub-accounting of the holdings is what separates the bad from the good, the weak from the strong, and those that create more problems than those that solve problems.


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