One-Stop Business Solutions

We’re a boutique tax and accounting firm. Everyone has a place at EveryDayCPA. Our seasoned business vets are experts in growing revenues, profits and business success.


STAR Services

The clients are the true stars at EveryDayCPA. To cover a world of business needs we offer the proprietary STAR Services.

Our solid conviction is that if a business is to achieve maximum revenue and profits success, the four elements of strategy, tax, accounting and risk management must be utilized in a streamlined, full cycle way!



We get help from Sun Tzu, a 5th century BC military strategist, and Michael Porter, a 21st century Harvard Business School strategist, to guide us.



We treat the IRS as a grizzly bear. If you have already poked the bear, we help get it calmed and contained. If you have not poked the bear, we make sure it leaves you alone.



We know that operating a business accounting system is not your ‘sweet spot.’ Our preferred model is a DIT (Do-It-Together) approach. We train you to create invoices, book revenues and pay expenses; we do the rest.


Risk Management

Helping you navigate risk and reward in a sea of threats and opportunities is our mission statement. And we are quite good at it.


Our Partners

We’re well-networked to offer you the very best. We’re also proud to show our association with the following partners: