The social good offered to low-credit, high-risk drivers through a Rent-to-Own/Lease-to-Own (RTO/LTO) is significant. The choice of credit- challenged customers is either no car or a Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) transaction. Over 24% of consumers buying a car in BHPH transaction lose the car through repossession. RTO/LTO is an exciting new business model that helps customers get access to automobiles when they might otherwise be prohibited.  Car dealerships participating in this industry need to accurately reflect the true nature of these transactions on their accounting financial statements. Maintaining depreciation schedules; recognizing income recognition procedures approved by IRS; ensuring that the asset is insured and managing credit risk of default are just a few of the elements that need to be defined, managed and controlled.

We work closely with¬† Northland Auto Enterprises, Inc ( in Burnsville, Minnesota and DealerClick, LLC ( to help current and future RTO/LTO dealers develop, implement and maintain superior financial statements. Northland has developed a superior business model to help dealers compete and succeed in the industry. DealerClick has created superior technology tools to enable a dealer/owner efficiently and cost-effectively drive revenue and manage expenses. With DealerClick’s proprietary interface with QuickBooks, we provide timely, accurate and relevant financial information to the dealer/executive that enables him/her to manage the enterprise.

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