Here is how we do it.

EverydayCPA is a business partner with Fiscal Foundations, LLC in Minneapolis, MN; Plan Tax Solutions, LLC in Topeka, KS; QuickBooks, Xero and in Silicon Valley, CA. This team can deliver cost-effective, high-value accounting solutions for you and your business.

Our business accounting and bookkeeping services include:

  • Do-for You (DFY) Bookkeeping: Full outsource of bookkeeping and accounting. We do it all.
  • Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Bookkeeping: You do it all. We review your work. We can help with QuickBooks training.
  • Do-it-Together (DIT) Bookkeeping: You do some. We do some. We review all.

We advise ALL businesses to outsource payroll. The risks of errors and omissions in incorrect payroll processing and timely payroll tax deposits are too great. We utilize some of the top payroll processing companies in the country.

A/P: We utilize some of the latest and greatest technology that allows CEO/CFO to review, approve and pay invoices and manage cash without having to process payments or disburse checks. We LOVE to help with vendor price and balance negotiations.

A/R: If you need help collecting on accounts with individual balances greater than $1,000, we LOVE to help with that.

Contact: or call: 307-228-1066.