Here is our favorite motto jokingly describing the IRS: “They have what it takes…to take what you have.”

In the tax area we have three primary focus areas:

  1. Individual and Business Taxes: We partner with Qik Tax to efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively prepare individual and business tax returns. We specialize in tax preparation for households that have self-employment business activities and W2 employee activities. Contact us to receive the Top Ten Tax Audit Prevention Tactics and Tips to minimize business tax expense and maximize your tax savings.
  2. IRS Issue Resolution: We partner with Plan Tax Solutions to effectively and efficiently working on your behalf to get the IRS off your back and give you some relief. Offer in Compromise, Injured Spouse, Innocent Spouse, Currently Not Collectible, Payment Plans,  Taxpayer Advocate Service are just a few of the tactics we utilize to keep the IRS from, “…taking what you have.”
  3. Cost Segregation Analysis: If you have real estate investments with depreciating assets on your books and you would like to maximize non-cash expense to minimize operating gain, you might need a cost-segregation analysis to help you increase your depreciation on certain and specific assets with shorter lives.


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