Hello, my name is Kelly Coughlin. I’m the CEO of BankBosun. I have the unique benefit of being both a CPA…I like numbers. Plus, I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can help community and regional banks capture market share.

I know that banks need to be careful and cautious about their expenses. And when it comes to revenue creation strategies and tactics. True to form, you bankers are extremely careful and cautious. Well, that’s probably a good, because with all the risk, regulation and revenue threats facing you daily, you are still standing. So, you are doing something right!

In a podcast titled “A Banker’s Voice is Mightier than the Pen and the Sword.” I talked about how community and regional banks need to utilize their voices through audio podcasting to get their message communicated, to build brand, get new customers and generate new revenues. If you haven’t listened to that, well this presentation isn’t gonna really make much sense. If you listened to the previous podcast, you know I am strongly recommending your bank implementation a podcast program to build your brand and get new customers.

I guarantee…and again, I don’t say that carelessly and loosely, you can increase revenues in many if not all your business lines at the bank, through the utilization of audio podcast media. Whether it be for:

  • Deposits
  • Credit
  • Wealth management
  • and Trust…

Audio podcasting will generate new customers and revenues…guaranteed…full stop…end of story.

You create a podcast channel with your brand – ABC Bank Podcast Show – once or twice per month with one or more representatives of your company from your CEO down to your product technical specialists who would be interviewed and recorded. We talk about your industry; your market space; the needs, issues and challenges your customers face; what your industry does to help them deal with those needs, issues and challenges; and why and how you are so much better and different than anyone else.

If you want to know how to pay zero cost for an audio podcast program, watch Part 2 next. Pay Zero to Use Your Mighty Banker’s Voice.