On following your dreams

of owning and operatng your own business

At EveryDayCPA we know how challenging this can be

The stress of taking the leap

From the calm waters of RECEIVING a paycheck

To the more adventurous seas of WRITING a paycheck

While the stress is immense…

The rewards are unmatched for you and your loved ones

Our experience, education and PROVEN SYSTEM can turn your risks and challenges into opportunities and rewards

Strategy, Tax, Accounting, Risk Management… STAR

Strategy – Business strategy, positioning and marketing to generate revenues

Tax – Keep the IRS bear in its place…away from you!!

Income tax, payroll tax and IRS debt resolution

We understand from years of experience how important it is…

to have IRS and state revenue collection in order…

to move forward with peace of mind

Accounting – Helping you use debits and credits as weapons of mass destruction of your competition

Risk Management – Help you navigate risk and discover reward

In a sea of threats and opportunities

The future is EXCITING!

And we look forward to being there with you every step of the way

So whether you are an established company…

Or just getting started with your NEW GREAT IDEA trying to make sense of it all

Give us a call


or visit our website

EveryDayCPA on YOUR side