Most people spend their lives AVOIDING the IRS and state tax collectors. Who would actually welcome talking to them. This guy would…and I do. My name is Kelly and I am a CPA and the CEO of EverydayCPA and one of the many experts at Tax Resolution Help Center. If you are watching this message, maybe you decided these three things:

#1, you are going to finally deal with your tax debt,

#2 you don’t really want to do it yourself,

and #3 you want a capable, honest and strong expert to handle this at a fair price.

Regarding #1, congratulations on facing up to this, 70% of the 15 million people with tax debt don’t deal with this and they live many years of their life in fear and worry of tax liens, garnished wages and seized assets…all unnecessary.

Regarding #2, maybe you decided you don’t want to do it yourself. Even though we have a program, TAX RESOLUTION HELP CENTER that provides unlimited education, information and guidance on how to get your tax debt reduced, removed or resolved YOURSELF for $19.95/month by far the most inexpensive way to get your tax debt removed.  But maybe you just want somebody to do for you.

And that’s #3. You want a capable, honest and strong expert at a fair price. You want to focus your time on things that you enjoy.  If my plumbing and sewer line is backed up, I could watch a bunch of youtube videos and go to Home Depot for those classes and try to figure it out myself …definitely the cheapest way or I could pay a plumbing and sewage expert (is there a such things as a sewage expert??) to show me some tricks and tips or I could just hire a good plumber and pay him to do it. Personally, I am not going to spend my free time learning how to deal with plumbing and sewage. Oh, and by the way, dealing with tax debt has some similarities with plumbing and sewage, I’ll just leave it at that.

So now that you have decided to deal with your tax debt we present you with three cost-effective options: Join Tax Resolution Help Center and Do It Yourself for $19.95/month and learn some tips and tactics on how to get your tax debt reduced as close to zero as you can

or 2) Pick one of our Tax Resolution Experts to coach and guide you in 1 on 1 session at $90/30 minutes and Do It Together

or 3) Hire one of our experts that YOU have selected and let him or her handle it from start to finish for you. Your choice. And you can start with one program and switch to another, no problem. I encourage you to take the next step to give us a call or make an appointment to discuss how we can get the tax collectors off your back..

That’s it from me, this Kelly at Everydaycpa and Tax Resolution Help center.  Helping you live a happier, healthier life.