What do you do? We are in the business of making businesses successful and business owners happy.

How do you do that? We help companies with their business Strategy, Tax, Accounting and Risk management…we call it a STAR approach.

Who is your target customer market? Our primary target market are current and future business owners. We help current business owners who don’t have the internal expertise or resources to hire or retain the critical business management capabilities to successfully operate their enterprises.

How do you help future business owners? We help future business owners, especially those with families to support, and are full-time employees. They have a dream or a vision or a desire to stop “working for the man” and want to start a business. These future business owners have special challenges that need to be understood and managed before they make the move and take the plunge from the safe-waters of a W2 employee to the challenging, uncertain seas of a future business owner. We help them with this transition. There a smart way to do this or a stupid way to do this. We help them do it the smart way. A way that will keep their family safe, secure and happy.

How do you help current business owners? We find that many small businesses frequently have a shortage of human and financial resources to compete and grow their business. We have developed the STAR system to help with this. Strategy, Tax, Accounting and Risk Management. If you get these four covered cost-effectively you can then really help position the business to compete and win