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Lego Guy Giving a Speech

Some experts believe your audience has already made a judgment about whether they like you based on the first ten seconds they see you. They see you as either strong and confident or weak, relying upon props and papers, and lacking credibility. If you make eye contact throughout the audience, smile, open your palms, stand upright and confident, don’t move around too much, you will avoid many of the non-verbal errors that can ruin your presentation, before you have even said a word. And get your audience to love you. But if you don’t avoid the ten deadly sins...

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Sun Tzu Helps a Bank Defeat Its Competition

Kelly Coughlin is CEO of BankBosun, a management consulting firm helping bank C-Level Officers navigate risk and discover reward. He is the host of the syndicated audio podcast, . Kelly brings over 25 years of experience with companies like PWC, Lloyds Bank, and Merrill Lynch. On the podcast Kelly interviews key executives in the banking ecosystem to provide bank C-Suite officers, risk management, technology, and investment ideas and solutions to help them navigate risks and discover rewards. And now your host, Kelly Coughlin. Hi this is Kelly Coughlin. I am the CEO and program host of BankBosun. Today, I am...

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Five Tips to Increase Bank Value, George Thompson, The Capital Corporation

Kelly Coughlin: Greetings, this is Kelly Coughlin. I’m the program host of the syndicated, biweekly podcast, ‘ Helping Community Banks’ C-Suite Officers Navigate Risk and Discover Reward.’ As most of you know, we like to focus on three primary categories here, the three ‘R’s, Risk, Regulation, and Revenue Creation. I think just about all the critical things a bank does can be captured in one or more of these three categories, Risk, Regulation, Revenue Creation. Nowhere else does the results of how a bank does with these three categories, than in the valuation of that bank.  I think Jack...

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