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IRS Revenue Hunter: Where are the Easy/Hard Hunting Grounds? (PART 1)

IRS enforcement: what do they look for, what are their tactics, and how can you avoid poking this bear? Today, we look for the answers.  Greetings, this is Kelly Coughlin, CPA, and CEO of EveryDayCPA providing tax accounting and revenue solutions to individuals and businesses throughout the U.S. In today’s podcast I am going to interview a former IRS enforcement specialist, what we sometimes call a grizzly bear.  Yep!  In a former life, for 30 years, he was a grizzly bear who took the shape of an IRS Enforcement Officer, seizing assets and pursuing DOJ tax lien foreclosures.  If you have done business with this man, that is, if you poked this bear, you probably were having a bad day.  He has proved my analogy that the IRS can be either a black bear or a grizzly bear, but regardless, a bear.  And do you know how to tell the difference between the two?  If you climb a tree to escape the black bear climbs up the tree to eat you.  The grizzly bear simply rips the tree out by the roots and eats you.  Regardless, don’t poke the bear.  Please welcome David Ronquillo.  David Ronquillo began his career as a revenue officer in 1980 in Seattle.  He has held positions as Field Collection Group Manager and Senior Collection Policy Analyst.  Currently, he is helping tax professionals increase their...

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Kelly Interviews Azucena – Helping the Latino Community Thrive

Read the accompanying article: LATINO FINANCIAL PLANNING: GROWING AWARENESS, GROWING NEED EveryDayCPA offers Strategy, Tax, Accounting and Risk Management (STAR) services to businesses and business owners. We especially like to help new business or wanna-be business owners start their new great idea with TNT – Tactics – Need Assessment – Timing. And we LOVE to help individuals and businesses use the tax code to help fund their enterprise and remove, reduce and resolve IRS and state tax debt in case life happened and they need help keeping the tax bear away. Contact EVERYDAYCPA at or call...

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