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Sun Tzu Helps a Bank Defeat Its Competition

Kelly Coughlin is CEO of BankBosun, a management consulting firm helping bank C-Level Officers navigate risk and discover reward. He is the host of the syndicated audio podcast, . Kelly brings over 25 years of experience with companies like PWC, Lloyds Bank, and Merrill Lynch. On the podcast Kelly interviews key executives in the banking ecosystem to provide bank C-Suite officers, risk management, technology, and investment ideas and solutions to help them navigate risks and discover rewards. And now your host, Kelly Coughlin. Hi this is Kelly Coughlin. I am the CEO and program host of BankBosun. Today, I am...

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Five Tips to Increase Bank Value, George Thompson, The Capital Corporation

Kelly Coughlin: Greetings, this is Kelly Coughlin. I’m the program host of the syndicated, biweekly podcast, ‘ Helping Community Banks’ C-Suite Officers Navigate Risk and Discover Reward.’ As most of you know, we like to focus on three primary categories here, the three ‘R’s, Risk, Regulation, and Revenue Creation. I think just about all the critical things a bank does can be captured in one or more of these three categories, Risk, Regulation, Revenue Creation. Nowhere else does the results of how a bank does with these three categories, than in the valuation of that bank.  I think Jack...

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