Smart Business Strategy Brings Results

Our expert strategies will take your business practices and presentations further and higher. We’ll perfect your pitch and improve your business strategy, positioning and competitor understanding. We’re here for both established and new companies, in all business cycle stages. Harnessing the wisdom of Sun Tzu and Michael Porter enables EveryDayCPA to create a business model for you that increases the likelihood of success.

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Mrs. PC

We utilize the advice of Mrs. PC. She is your business adviser to help you succeed and improve your business. She has identified five strategies and tactics to help your business succeed. So listen to her!

1. Marketing

Demonstrate to investors you have a thorough marketing plan that shows how and where you will generate revenues and from which products.


2. Revenues

How reasonable are your revenue projections? Most businesses fail to meet the revenue projections presented in their business plan. The mantra for real estate is location, location, location…for business it is revenues, revenues, and more revenues.


3. Sales

How will you find your prospects? How and how long will it take to convert them to customers? How will you track them? How will you advance them in the sales cycle? And how much will it cost to advance them?


4. Pitch

You need a three-stage company and product pitch: 10 seconds, 30 seconds and five minutes. If you don’t have this well-prepared, well-rehearsed and thoroughly memorized, you don’t have a shot at raising capital or selling your product! Remember, keep your slide presentations to less than 12 pages.


5. Competition

Who are your rivals? Who and what are your substitutes? An objective analysis of this is critical. Any business that claims they have no competition is wrong. Direct competitors (rivals) and alternative products (substitutes) are your competition.