Where’s my federal income tax refund?


Where’s my state income tax refund?

To track your state refund
Each state handles its own refunds. Select yours below for refund tracking instructions.

·        Keep in mind that most dates are estimates and refunds can be delayed for many reasons. If you’re concerned, contact your state department of revenue at the links given.

·        State tax web pages may be slow to respond during tax season. If a link does not appear be working, try again during off-hours.

Alabama (AL) Kentucky (KY) North Dakota (ND)
Alaska (AK) Louisiana (LA) Ohio (OH)
Arizona (AZ) Maine (ME) Oklahoma (OK)
Arkansas (AR) Maryland (MD) Oregon (OR)
California (CA) Massachusetts (MA) Pennsylvania (PA)
Colorado (CO) Michigan (MI) Rhode Island (RI)
Connecticut (CT) Minnesota (MN) South Carolina (SC)
Delaware (DE) Mississippi (MS) South Dakota (SD)
District of Columbia (DC) Missouri (MO) Texas (TX)
Florida (FL) Montana (MT) Tennessee (TN)
Georgia (GA) Nebraska (NE) Utah (UT)
Hawaii (HI) Nevada (NV) Vermont (VT)
Idaho (ID) New Hampshire (NH) Virginia (VA)
Illinois (IL) New Jersey (NJ) Washington (WA)
Indiana (IN) New Mexico (NM) West Virginia (WV)
Iowa (IA) New York (NY) Wisconsin (WI)
Kansas (KS) North Carolina (NC) Wyoming (WY)