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Tax Resolution Help Center – We remove, reduce and resolve your tax debt!

Hey, this Kelly. I’m the CEO of EVERYDAYCPA. I want to be the first to congratulate you on taking this step to deal with your tax debt. Maybe it is your first step. Maybe it took you a while to take this first step. Or maybe you took the first step before and you didn’t like what you saw after you took that step. I understand. Dealing with tax debt is hard. You might be angry with the tax collectors…who wouldn’t be…you might be angry at yourself…or your spouse…certainly you are frustrated with the US tax system that takes anywhere from 15 – 35% of your hard earned money. Did you know that if you add up all the taxes we pay…income tax, sales tax, property tax, payroll tax…it’s by far the largest expense we have. So I want you to know. We understand this. And we also understand the stress and pressure it causes in your life and your relationships. And that’s why you have to deal with it. I applaud you for taking this step. My goal is to now encourage you to keep taking steps to deal with this. At EVERYDAYCPA we have three different paths you can step down to get this tax debt off your back. One path is a monthly membership, TaxResolution Help Center, where you learn the information and tips to successfully...

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Tax Resolution Help Center – We Have 3 Ways to Help!

Most people spend their lives AVOIDING the IRS and state tax collectors. Who would actually welcome talking to them. This guy would…and I do. My name is Kelly and I am a CPA and the CEO of EverydayCPA and one of the many experts at Tax Resolution Help Center. If you are watching this message, maybe you decided these three things: #1, you are going to finally deal with your tax debt, #2 you don’t really want to do it yourself, and #3 you want a capable, honest and strong expert to handle this at a fair price. Regarding #1, congratulations on facing up to this, 70% of the 15 million people with tax debt don’t deal with this and they live many years of their life in fear and worry of tax liens, garnished wages and seized assets…all unnecessary. Regarding #2, maybe you decided you don’t want to do it yourself. Even though we have a program, TAX RESOLUTION HELP CENTER that provides unlimited education, information and guidance on how to get your tax debt reduced, removed or resolved YOURSELF for $19.95/month by far the most inexpensive way to get your tax debt removed.  But maybe you just want somebody to do for you. And that’s #3. You want a capable, honest and strong expert at a fair price. You want to focus your time on things that...

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IRS Bear: Grizzly or Black?

Do you know how to tell the difference between a black bear and a grizzly bear? The black bear climbs up the tree…and eats you The grizzly bear rips the tree out by the roots…and eats you Do you know what kind of bear the IRS bear is? When you try to hide or run, it makes no difference…he will eat you Here is what we do to bears We respect them We calm them We feed them just enough to keep them happy We don’t poke them We know how to treat the bear If the IRS bear is terrorizing you Let us calm the bear Contact EVERYDAYCPA Get our Free Tax Guide: Five Tips to Reduce Your Tax Debt…Yourself! And get access to secret recordings of a former IRS agent On tax collection techniques and tactics Call Us Today. EVERYDAYCPA. On your side…every...

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