Risk Management: Federal and State Tax

EveryDayCPA is committed to helping business owners pay the minimum amount of taxes while in full compliance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations. It is our belief that taxpayers have a duty to only pay the minimum amount of tax. But, also a duty to be honest and truthful in their tax management practices.

We believe all businesses need good tax liability guidance and consulting. These services have historically only been available to high-end business taxpayers. Our Tax Liability Risk Management System is created as a low-cost, highly effective tax risk management service for your business.

We believe our services, if fully employed, adopted and utilized, will result in three key and critical outcomes:

  1. Lower taxes, lower expenses and higher free cash flow
  2. Lower risk of IRS and state audit
  3. Lower risk of increased tax assessment in the event of an audit

Risk Management: 401(k)

Knowing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) of your 401(k) and IRA plan is critical to understanding and managing your portfolio risk.

We focus on the three most critical areas of ALL 401(k)/IRA portfolios:

  1. Hidden fees of expense identification and mitigation in 401(k) plans have a significant, negative effect on your 401(k) return on investment
  2. Bank trustee custodians who can accommodate alternative investments beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  3. Assets that will increase in value if your 401(k) and IRA mutual fund assets decline in value

Risk Management: Wealth Supervision

The supervisory of the decision-makers and influencers involved with your financial assets is a critical role. It must be performed by a team that knows and understands the securities and financial markets. This includes asset allocation, portfolio construction, and securities selection. The principals at EveryDayCPA have a long history and experience in these markets and activities.

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