Tax Management by Experts

Whether it be resolving significant IRS or state liabilities or simply filing your business and personal returns, we help you take full advantage of the tax rules and regulations. You’ll only pay the minimal amount with credible substantiation. This is your legal right to pay not a penny more than what is legally owed.

EveryDayCPA specializes in tax preparation for households with self-employment business activities and W2 employee activities. Contact us to receive the “Top Ten Tax Audit Prevention Tactics and Tips” to minimize business tax expense and maximize your tax savings.

IRS Tax Resolution

Our favorite motto describes the IRS: “They have what it takes…to take what you have.” If you have ‘poked the IRS bear,’ they will take EVERYTHING you have. If you have NOT poked the bear, we make sure to keep the bear away from you.


“YES, I have Poked the Bear”

Individuals and businesses with IRS and state troubles rely on EveryDayCPA to solve their problems quickly and affordably. Offer in Compromise, Injured Spouse, Innocent Spouse, Currently Not Collectible, and Payment Plans are just a few of the tactics we utilize to keep the IRS from, “…taking what you have.”

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We provide affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who, for whatever reason, find themselves at odds with the IRS. Our experienced staff will represent you in front of the IRS, allowing you to continue on with your life. You will NEVER to speak with an IRS and or state tax revenue agent…EVER!!


“NO, I have NOT Poked the Bear”

To keep the bear away from you and your neighbors, we do tax preparation for households that have self-employment business activities or W2 income AND self-employment income. Starting and operating a business can be a terrific way to reduce liabilities in the early years. We love to help entrepreneurs create new business models to take full advantage of tax law and to increase income and wealth for households.

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