Latino financial planning. It is a growing sector of the financial planning market, a market that struggles with Latino and Hispanic representation in its professional ranks. Here’s the story of Mauricio, a Latino financial planner serving his community every day with the aid of EverydayCPA and Tax Resolution Help Center. Here’s your host, Doug Wade.

Doug: Hi everybody. This is Doug Wade at EverydayCPA and I’m here with Mauricio, one of our customers has been working with EverydayCPA and Tax Resolution Help Center. Welcome to the show, Mauricio.

Mauricio: Hi, Doug.

Doug: Thanks for coming on today. Tell us a little bit about your business and how Kelly has been able to help you out.

Latino Financial Planning: Tapping an Underserved Market

Mauricio: I’m a financial educator, I’m a journalist, and I was a sports commentator for 25 years. Through the final years, I changed topics because I always loved business. So I started learning about finance and finally, in 2014, I quit my job at Fox Sports and went full dive into finance, and open an office. There is a great need in the Latino community for financial education so I didn’t know it was that big but two years ago I started a radio show and boom it was crazy so thank God we went from one employee on one host for the show to 14 employees and we have kept growing.

Doug: That’s really exciting because of what you’ve been able to do with some of the technology that’s out there today to grow your business.

Mauricio: It’s been really good in terms of helping a lot of people. We’ve been changing lives because, when people tell you, “Because of your show, because what you are teaching every single day on the radio and your social media, I started saving. I paid off my debt. I’m using the stimulus check to do this and that because of all the tips and all the education that you provide with your show!” So that’s when I feel that I’m doing something great for my community and that’s what it’s really about. God is good and clients and people keep calling and calling. It’s been growing. I thought the pandemic was going to be a really bad time for us, but it has been the opposite.

Pandemic Leads to Financial Self-Assessment

Doug: It seems like with the challenges that people had this year with the COVID and all the lockdowns and the struggles for a business and finance and people, you know, keeping their jobs or having their hours cut, it seems like that would be a really good opportunity for you to be able to help them through those challenges. Is that what you found?

Mauricio: Yes, that’s one of the findings. Also what we didn’t know is that with the pandemic people was the people were starting to think more about the financial part of life, family, job, side hustle, savings, retirement, taxes… because suddenly you realize you could be without a job! Interest in financial planning grew in the Latino community to the tune of 2000% during the pandemic!

Doug: That’s what we’ve found, too. So, tell me a little bit about your experience working with Kelly. It sounds like you’ve been working with him for the last couple of years. Is he easy to work with?

Mauricio: He’s great. When I met Kelly I had a situation with the IRS. They were charging me some kind of money that I already paid them. They said no, we don’t have your money. So, I needed someone with experience to really help with that situation. Thank God my brother-in-law told me about Kelly. He told me this is the guy, talk to him. He’s going to help you with that. And it was true; three months later I was in good standing with the IRS. Kelly even got me some of the interest money back.

Everyday CPA: Tools to Serve the Latino Community

Later, I started the radio show, and I try to have Kelly on whenever he has time.  He’s my special guest, my expert on taxes and money. He’s got a lot of financial knowledge and experience – and that’s what we need in the Latino community. Not just financial advisors who pay lip service to the Latino community and its needs, but who actually deliver results. With Kelly, it’s about results.

Doug: That’s great to hear. So someone with Kelly’s caliber, his experience, you would think that it might be a very expensive endeavor to work with him. Is that what you found?

Mauricio: Not really. I mean I think it’s worth it, what he can do for you. For my business, for my corporation, for the issue that I had with the IRS in the past… since I’ve been with Kelly (this is my third year) everything is good. No problems, no issues, everything is really smooth.

He knows a lot!  He comes on my show, I tell my audience to chime in. I open the lines and I open Messenger, and the questions come pouring in. And he always seems to have a helpful answer for everybody. After every appearance, my audience demands to know, “When is Kelly coming back?”

Doug: Speaking of great guests, I want to thank you for coming on, Mauricio. I wish you much success in your business, your radio show, and all your endeavors.

Mauricio: Thank you, Doug. We plan to keep growing and keep providing financial services to the Latino community. Kelly has been extremely helpful in that effort, and we appreciate it!

*     *     *

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