Real Estate and International Business… two very different businesses, with different demands for their proprietors. That’s especially true when the owners of those two businesses are the same person! How do you ensure that each business is performing optimally against its tax liabilities? EverydayCPA can help!

Doug Wade: Welcome to the EverydayCPA channel, helping small business owners and families better manage their businesses and their finances. This program will help you learn and adopt strategies and tactics on business and family accounting and budgeting, credit management, and improvement, and ways to build and grow savings to help you compete, win, and succeed – and hopefully live a happier healthier life.

My name is Doug Wade at and we are talking with customers. Today we have Frank on the line with us today and we’re going to just talk with him a little bit more about his experience with EverydayCPA. Welcome to the show, Frank.

Frank: Thanks very much for having me.

Tax Structure for Real Estate Investors

Doug: Frank, tell us a little bit about your business and what you’ve been able to experience working with Kelly at EverydayCPA.

Frank: Well, I really don’t have a business open to the public. I have a private real estate investment business so I do my own investing. I also am employed through a company. But Kelly has really helped me realize all the benefits that he can offer through both my private taxes and the taxes that are associated with my real estate business. So he’s been nothing short of great! I’ve worked with him for two years and I’ve never worked with an easier CPA, to be honest with you.

Doug: So you kind of have an interesting dynamic; you’ve got your personal taxes you’ve got some stuff that is related to business but not necessarily open to the public. So there’s a little bit of a challenge there. Balancing the two, making sure each of them is performing optimally against their tax liabilities.    

Frank: Exactly, and Kelly does a really good job of letting me know what’s smart and not smart, and doing those things both privately and with the business. I’m a more conservative businessman, I would say, when it comes to filing my taxes, which is good. So Kelly draws a very good dynamic between the two of us, what I would consider what I would like to do and what he would recommend doing. So it’s been great.

The Challenges of Long-distance Tax Advising

Doug: What is the dynamic like, working with an advisor long distance? Any issues there?                 

Frank: Kelly and I have had a couple of video calls in the past, no problem. But he’s also very responsive via text and email, so I’ve never had an issue with communication long distance. 

Doug: Great. The way things are in business today, we do have a lot of opportunities to use video and connect with people in new ways, rather than always having to meet in person. So it does open it up so that you can serve people across the entire country.

Frank: Right. But it can be frustrating when that other person’s not responding. But this hasn’t been the case with Kelly.

EverydayCPA: Comprehensive and Affordable Services

Also, his services are very affordable. I know working with someone with Kelly’s caliber, someone highly experienced and skilled in what he does, you often expect to pay a premium for that. But I was pleasantly surprised with Kelly in that way.  I’ve lived in Europe for a number of years. I’ve lived on the East Coast and now on the West Coast. I’ve gone through a number of International CPAs or CPAs that specialize in international taxes, whatever my job required. So I’ve experienced price ranges that are DRAMATIC. I thought once working with Kelly – because he also has that international experience – that it would be expensive but actually, he’s been the least expensive internationally-experienced CPA that I have worked with. So it’s been very good for me.

Doug: Glad to hear it! Well, Frank, I want to thank you for being here on the show. EverydayCPA is looking forward to serving you for years to come.

For folks in the audience, if Frank’s experience sounds like the kind of service and treatment YOU are looking for in a CPA, or maybe you deal internationally and you’re looking for a fresh perspective, please don’t hesitate to contact EverydayCPA, right away! Thanks, and we’ll see you next time!  

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